• Full Day Camps for Ages 8-9
  • Nov. 15 – Miniature Railroad reopens
    Closed all day on Nov. 22 for Thanksgiving Day
    - The Rangos Giant Cinema open

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Rangos Giant Cinema
Rangos Giant Cinema
21+ Nights
21+ Nights

Summer Camps

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Ages 8-9 Full Day Camps


Members can register by calling 412.237.3400 beginning Monday, Feb. 5. Registration via the website will be available to Members and non-Members beginning Monday, Feb. 12. To register via the website, click the “buy” button next to your desired camps (available Feb. 12).

Cost: $240 members / $270 non-members per session

(Camps with field trips or extra supplies subject to additional costs listed in camp descriptions.)

Full-day camps run from 9 am – 4 pm
Campers must bring a bagged lunch

* No camp on July 4. Reduced price for four-day camp: $190 members / $220 non-members.

NOTE: Waiting list status can be requested if a program is full. No deposit is necessary to hold a place on the list. Parents/guardians will be notified by phone if space becomes available.

Please check the website often. As camps fill up, additional sessions may be added.

New! Space Exploration

Join pioneering scientists in their quest to explore the far reaches of space. Become a rocket scientist to test propulsion techniques and launch angles, and practice remotely controlling robotic rovers. Learn about the challenges of living outside of Earth, and design a model Mars habitat.

New! Robot Roundup

Discover the wide world of robotics with a survey of fun and hands-on products such as Cubelets®, Sphero, Makeblock and more. Test out different types of sensors, experiment with programming platforms, and challenge your classmates to races or robot soccer matches.

New! Weird Science

Discover the weird, wacky, and wild experiments you can do with science! Make square bubbles, watch Oobleck dance, and move objects without touching them. From glowing rocks to waterproof sand, you will get hands-on with the best of chemistry, physics, and biology.

New! Inventor’s Workshop

Put your ingenuity to the test with a week of engineering, prototyping, and inventing! Using the simple but versatile littleBits kits, add motors, sensors, and lights to your creations. From burglar alarms and musical devices to light-up creatures and miniature amusement park rides, the sky is the limit on what you can make!

Ready, Set, Code!

$270 members / $295 non-members (materials fee included in price)
*No camp on July 4. Reduced price for premium four-day camp: $220 Member/$250 Non-Member

Gain valuable new skills while having a blast! Learn a real programming language while playing through levels of the addictive game CodeMonkey, design and test games with littleBits Coding kits, and edit apps with Bitsbox.

New! Machine Mania

$250 Member/$280 Non-Member (Includes special visit to The Art of the Brick traveling exhibition)

Discover the science of simple and powered machines with a week of LEGO® engineering fun. Build motorized cranes, self-propelled cars, and walking animals. Then explore energy production as you build windmills and generators to measure output. Finally, put it all together to make an amazing chain reaction contraption!

Introduction to Robotics

$270 members / $295 non-members (materials fee included in price)

Become a robot engineer as you design, build, and test a rover using LEGO® Education’s EV3 software and technology. Use drag and drop programming to create a robot that can complete challenges such as climbing a ramp, traversing a maze, and even battling other robots.

Explore Pittsburgh

$310 members / $335 non-members (Field trip and materials fees included in price.)

Learn about our beautiful city through a series of activities and trips. Visit Heinz Field and the National Aviary as you take a look at the science of football and the power of flight. Discover Pittsburgh’s history at the Fort Pitt Museum, and explore the iconic three rivers from a kayak!

Culinary Chemistry

Take a bite out of science in the summer camp that actually encourages you to play with your food! Learn about the science behind taste, discover how cooking alters your food, and uncover some unusual uses for items in your pantry.

Nature's Fury

From hurricanes and tornadoes to tsunamis and earthquakes, the Earth is always in motion. Spend a week learning about the beautiful yet destructive forces that are constantly shaping our planet. Build a working seismograph, make a volcano erupt, and design buildings to see how they stand up to natural disasters.

River Camp

$310 members / $335 non-members (Field trip and materials fees included in price.)

Hoist your sails and get ready to embark on an adventure along Pittsburgh’s three rivers. Get your bearings with a Just Ducky boat tour, then grab a paddle to kayak down the river. Step into the lab to carry out water quality testing, examine microscopic plankton, and study the life that calls the river home.

New! Brain Games

Take a deeper look into the hidden secrets of the human mind! Investigate how the brain works, and how it can deceive you. Fool your eyes with optical illusions and virtual reality, and then trick your senses of taste and touch. Test your mental powers with puzzles, ciphers, and codes and make your own brain teasers.

Kennywood Camp

$310 members / $335 non-members (Field trip and materials fees included in price.)

A long-time favorite! Explore the science of amusement parks as you discover the physics of your favorite rides, the math behind carnival games, and the sweet chemistry of cotton candy! Put that knowledge to good use as you conclude the week with a field trip to Kennywood.

Fab Lab: Maker Camp

$310 members / $335 non-members (materials fee included in price)

Experience first-hand all of the new technologies Fab Lab Carnegie Science Center has to offer; 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, and other CNC machines. Learn the design software for both 2D and 3D machines and make daily projects to take home.

Fab Lab: Video Game Arcade

$310 members / $335 non-members (materials fee included in price)

Learn about game development and get creative with your own games. Use Scratch programming and the Makey Makey board to design your own video game and handheld controller. Transform the Fab Lab into an arcade as you share your game with other campers on the final day.

Fab Lab: Toy Works

$310 members / $335 non-members (materials fee included in price)

What types of games and toys can be made with 3D printers, laser cutters, and vinyl cutting machines? In this camp, learn how to make some simple toys in the Fab Lab and then create your very own toy company, design a t-shirt, and manufacture personalized toys of your very own design.

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