• Jammie Jams
  • Closed Tuesdays through March 31.
    USS Requin is closed through March 1.

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Jammie Jams

Enjoy a night of science and exploration!

Looking for ways to have fun, quality time with your little ones? Carnegie Science Center’s Jammie Jams invite small scientists ages 2–6 and their families for an almost overnighter!

All Jammie Jams guests enjoy:

  • Interactive activities
  • Story time
  • Live theater show
  • A snack
  • Four floors of exhibit exploration (Please note: The Miniature Railroad & Village® is not included)

Cost: $15 per child, $12 per adult
Advance registration is required.

3/4/2017 to 4/26/2020

Splish, Splash Science

Sat., April 25
5:30–9 pm

Discover programming fundamentals with Coding Critters and explore the night sky in the planetarium. Investigate anatomy, build towers and bridges, and experiment with physical forces.

Splash Science

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3/4/2017 to 11/3/2019

Jammie Jams: Little Engineers

Sat., Nov. 2, 2019
5:30–9 pm

Put on your hard hat and unleash your imagination as you build fabulous structures both big and small! Explore different shapes and building materials as you create soaring towers, assemble roller coaster tracks, and design colorful castles.

1/1/2010 to 11/2/2019

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3/4/2017 to 3/17/2019

Jammie Jams: Storybook Science

Sat., March 16
5:30–9 pm • $15 per child, $12 per adult

Bring bedtime stories to life as you discover the science of your favorite books! Turn works of fiction into real‑life experiments and hands‑on activities as you move floor‑to‑floor of the Science Center.

3/4/2017 to 11/7/2018

Jammie Jams: Space Night

Sat., Nov. 10, 2018
5:30–9 pm

Put on your PJ’s and have a blast exploring space at this evening event designed specifically for our early learners ages 2-6! Experience a show in the Buhl Planetarium, explore the planets, and experiment with rockets. Plus, you’ll have access to four floors of exhibits and enjoy a snack.

Cost: $15 per kid, $12 per adult

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