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  • The Science Center will be closed on June 30 for Heinz Field Concert. The Rangos will be open.

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Join us for Café Scientifique

Interested in science? Want to learn more about the latest technology breakthroughs in normal English, minus the jargon? Then Café Scientifique Pittsburgh at Carnegie Science Center is the place to be!

Café Sci is THE place in Pittsburgh where anyone interested in science can get together at a scientific hub to discuss today's science issues with experts, and best of all... you can ask your own questions! After a brief talk by our monthly guest speaker, the evening is dedicated to a question-and-answer session. Plus, enjoy our pub-type atmosphere with food and drinks available for purchase.

Join us for Café Scientifique on Mon., July 2


Presenter - Ken Kaemmerer

Ken Kaemmerer
Curator of Mammals
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
“The Pittsburgh Pangolins and the Mission to Save an Endangered Species from Extinction”


The Pittsburgh Pangolins and the Mission to Save an Endangered Species from Extinction

Pangolins are amongst the most evolutionarily primitive mammals and the only mammal with scales. Their enormous appetite for ants and termites means that they serve a major role in ecosystems to control insects. Shy, solitary and mostly nocturnal, they are only recently beginning to be studied and understood. However, humanity’s voracious consumption of pangolin scales and meat has led them to be declared the most illegally poached and trafficked animal in the world. All pangolin species are rapidly being driven to extinction, yet most people don’t even know what a pangolin is. This presentation will relate the story of how a consortium of zoos, including the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, developed a small population of African white-bellied tree pangolins from Togo. In addition to learning lessons about their biology and behavior through a detailed program of husbandry, our zoo has been collaborating with genetic scientists from Duquesne University. Studies of pangolin genetics will not only better describe the species, but with genetic forensic methods developed through research, will provide a means to identify illegal pangolin products, combat pangolin trafficking and hopefully help stem the march to extinction.

About Ken Kaemmerer

Ken Kaemmerer is the Curator of Mammals at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. Over a 40-year career amongst five zoos, he has been involved with most major mammal groups from elephants to naked mole rats and everything in between. However, he has substantial experience with carnivores, particularly small cats such as the ocelot, as well as primates from gorillas to monkeys. He has served on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Ocelot Recovery Team and was the national Species Survival Program Coordinator for all ocelots in zoos. Most recently, he has helped direct the animal care program and facilitated research with the rare and endangered African white-bellied pangolins acquired by the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium.

Time: Doors open at 6 pm, and the program is 7-9 pm.
Location: Carnegie Science Center
Admission: FREE!
Parking: $5
Cash bar: Open from 6-7:30 pm

Although this event is free, we ask that you register so that we can prepare the room and have enough food available for purchase.

A la carte menu:

Pre-made deli sandwiches and salads
Chips and cookies
Bottled Beverages
Beer and wine


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