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ChemFest Celebration

Cost: Free with Admission
Date: Oct 27, 2017 Daily until Oct 28, 2017

Funding Still Available for Field Trips!

Want to bring your class to ChemFest? Ask about participating through the National Chemistry Week ChemFest Grant. For groups, advance reservations are required. Register by calling 412.237.3400.

Chemistry Rocks!

Chemistry is not limited to beakers and laboratories; it is all around us! The more we learn about chemistry, the more we learn about our world. Themed, "Chemistry Rocks," highlighting geochemistry, this year's event explores the reasons why chemistry matters through interactive demonstrations, hands-on activities, exciting presentations, and interactions with professionals in science, technology, engineering and math. ChemFest is a catalyst for fun and learning for both school groups and families, and is intended to spark students' interest in the field of chemistry.

Activities include:

  • Test different varieties of rocks and minerals and rate their hardness using the Mohs Hardness Scale at the Carnegie STEM Girls activity table.
  • Pick up a kit to grow your own salt-crystal snowflakes at the Bidwell table.
  • See a periodic table demonstration from Robert Morris University, including two demos on golf ball density and containers with various materials to indicate the idea of "full."
  • Get gooey at a slime activity with NOVA Chemicals.
  • Check out an environment booth about Bats, with fun takeaways from the Wildlife Habitat Council, presented by Bayer (Oct. 24–31 is National Bat Week!)
  • Be dazzled by the reaction that is created when Seton Hill University representatives mix Pop Rocks candy, different brands of soda, ice and balloons.
  • Watch PPG scientists demonstrate the function of silica in car tires by using rolling resistance.
  • Participate in activities inside the MEET-U (Mobile Energy Education Training Unit). Learn about energy production and consumption and historic and modern uses of energy. The experience is designed to inspire audiences to improve future energy demands and innovations. Offered through a partnership with the Friends of Drake Well and the Museum. (Friday only)
  • Explore how dyes and pigments change color when exposed to UV light, make a UV reactive bracelet, and find out if your sunglasses really protect your eyes from UV rays.
  • Hear guest speaker Paige Kassalen give her presentation "Around the World with Zero Fuel." Learn about how a young engineer helped make the impossible possible by doing things such as catching the wing of a solar-powered airplane as it landed and being one of four engineers in charge of the power system for the plane's mobile hangar. Talks will be at 10 am and 12 noon Friday only.

For groups, advance reservations are required. Register by calling 412.237.3400. Limited funds? Ask about participating through the National Chemistry Week ChemFest Grant.

ChemFest, a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of National Chemistry Week, in partnership with the American Chemical Society.

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