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ChemFest Celebration

Cost: Free with Admission
Date: Oct 21, 2016 Daily until Oct 22, 2016

ChemFest, a celebration of National Chemistry Week, in partnership with the American Chemical Society.

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Solving Mysteries through Chemistry!
Chemistry is not limited to beakers and laboratories; it is all around us! The more we learn about chemistry, the more we learn about our world.

Explore how to solve mysteries through chemistry with forensics.

Visit dozens of demonstrations presented by local companies, colleges, and universities. Activities include:

  • pH testing with litmus paper to explore the effects of acid mine drainage on the environment
  • Periodic table demonstration of density and space/mass using objects in clear liquids
  • Extracting DNA from strawberries
  • Crime scene chemistry with ink chromatography and invisible ink
  • Making DNA bracelets of common genes used in forensic identification
  • Visualizing fingerprints via a superglue fuming chamber/fluorescent dye
  • Exploring luminescence, chemiluminescence, photoluminescence, and fluorescence
  • Making super bouncy balls
  • Detecting forged documents through examination tactics
  • Experiencing The Drake Oil Well Museum's Mobile Energy Education Training Unit (Friday only)

Plus, have a chance to interact with professionals who are working in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

ChemFest is a catalyst for fun and learning for both school groups and families! For groups, advance reservation is required by calling 412-237-3400, option7.

Sponsored by:

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Additional support provided by:
Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh
Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh
PPG Science Education Council
PPG Foundation

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